Ballet Inspired Workout
for Strong Body & Mind

Editor-in-Chief Anne Marie Mondrup talks to Femke Mølbach Slot
Videographer Katrine Gøth
Hair & Makeup Emilie Preskou
Styling The Comarché

In our first instalment of “Reflections on Set”, Acumé Magazine catches up with former Royal Danish Ballet Soloist – Femke Mølbach Slot – on the importance of sustainability in her life and the measures she takes to help alleviate the pressures put on the environment.

Femke also delves into her long-life desire to impart her experience and knowledge from her life as a professional ballet dancer with people off stage. Through the training program she created, ‘Core Elegance’ helps people exercise their bodies and senses effectively through the language of ballet. Regardless of age, shape and gender.

Femke Mølbach Slot | Core Elegance | Shop the look

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