Five Ways to Work More Consciously with Your Dreams

Dream interpretation is the process of assigning meaning to dreams, which can help enlighten us and psychologically expand our consciousness.

4 mins read
4 mins read

1) Go to Bed at the Same Time Every Night

The same way you lead your daily life based on a fixed circadian rhythm and timeframe, it is equally as healthy to apply those patterns to night-time as well. The more consciously and freely you integrate the cosmic flows and alternate rhythms of the sleep-wake cycle, the more healing it becomes for you. Set your watch to ‘sleep mode’ one hour before you actually go to bed, as a simple trick to help you initiate and maintain a rhythmic change between waking up and sleeping.

2) Stay Off Electronics for at least an hour before going to sleep

Tempting as it might be to use your computer or phone before bed, studies have shown these devices can interfere with sleep by suppressing the production of melatonin, a natural hormone released in the evening to help you tire and be ready for sleep. This leads to neurophysiologic arousals that increase feelings of alertness when you should be winding down instead, and it can reduce time spent in Deep sleep and REM sleep. These two stages of sleep are crucial to mental and physical health as it impacts memory and mood in a positive way.


3) Recount Your Day for 5-10 minutes Before Bedtime

Watch it unfold in front of your eyes like a movie, as you gently connect with your inner self. Look back at instances and interactions you had with others prior that day, check in with your feelings and reflect on what has occurred, how did it make you feel and what it all meant to you. Doing this allows your spirit to work with the essence and the learnings of your experiences and to find its ground in you while you are sleeping.

4) Keep a Dream Journal

Dreams can be forgotten in the blink of an eye, so you want to make sure that remembering them will be the first thing you do when you wake up. It is important that you do not get out of bed, check your phone or direct your attention to something else; otherwise, the dream can disappear like chaff blown by the wind. Have a notebook ready by your bedside table so you can quickly record details before they slip your mind. If you cannot remember what you dreamt, write that down too. It is useful to note how you feel, the sensation you are awakened with, and whether you feel something anywhere on the body.

5) Ask for Answers and You Shall Receive

Are you facing a challenge or are in doubt about something specific in your life? Ask yourself a particular question in the moment right before you fall asleep. If it’s the last thing on your conscious mind, your subconscious will bring it with you into the night. As you connect with the spiritual world during deep sleep, you will receive the answer either as a feeling, a clear thought or a deep knowing. When you wake up in the morning, you will instinctively know the answer to your question.

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